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Oriental, Specialty & Area Rug Repair

Over time, rugs ranging from fine, hand-made Orientals to machine-made synthetics, may require repair or restoration. Members of our highly experienced staff are trained in all phases of rug repair and restoration, including fringe, blocking to correct irregular shape, and much more. Before we make any repairs, we advise customers on the level and cost of necessary repairs to ensure that the cost is within budget and is commensurate with the value of the rug.

Professional Area Rug Repairs with Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. in Fort Worth TX

Oriental rug repair is a craft requiring great knowledge and skill. At Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., we recognize that there are three different types and approaches to repair and restoration:

  • Restoration – Restoration involves returning the rug as close as possible to its original condition. By definition, this requires the same dyes and fibers as the original, but most restorations are a compromise as some details of the original cannot be reproduced. This level of work is offered when the value and rarity of the rug justify the expense.
  • Conservation – Conservation involves preserving an object from further deterioration with as little change to its current condition as possible.
  • Repair – Area rug repair is a compromise between conservation and restoration most often appropriate for rugs sent in for cleaning. Repairing allows the rug to become functional again. Rug repairs can include patching, size reduction, new fringe and a myriad of other options.

Invest in Professional Rug Repairs

Delicate textiles, tapestries, and wall hangings, especially hand woven and loomed textiles, require careful cleaning and care to extend their life and beauty. After inspecting all silks, wools, and other fine fabrics, we will carefully hand clean them to preserve and enhance their beauty, fiber integrity, woven designs, and dyes.

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